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Specialist services: Residential Aged Care Industry

CCB:  Accountants serving the Australian Residential Aged Care Industry since 1986

Ian Cugley heads up the specialist team at Cugley Ciravolo Bordin Pty. Ltd.  that has long and hard dedicated itself to providing Peace of Mind to the
Residential Aged Care Industry in Australia

CCB’s Special Involvement with the Residential Aged Care Industry

CCB has had a major involvement in the residential aged care industry, both in the Commonwealth and State systems since 1986.  In fact, Ian works in the residential aged care industry almost every day of every week!  And this everyday involvement has been the case for well over the last 13 years !!  You will readily understand that this is quite unique for a practising accountant.

Ian is the Director at CCB who is responsible for services to the residential aged care industry, and consequently this industry is a major focus of his Team.

Within the residential aged care industry, Ian’s involvement has been as a professional accountant, as a finance director, as an investor and as a developer of residential aged care facilities.  We should also add that he has been very involved on the “other side of the fence” in that  he managed a close family member for a period in excess of 10 years while she lived firstly in a supported residential service, then in 2 hostels, and finally in a nursing home.  Ian has also managed a person in community care. That experience has provided Ian with a special dimension to his and CCB’s appreciation of this industry, a dimension not commonly available to the professionals servicing the industry.

CCB’s involvement in the residential aged care industry commenced in 1985, and has continued ever since then.  In the earlier years, our services were mainly involved with Victorian residential aged care supported residential services (“SRS”), but from about 1990 our services have extended significantly to embrace Commonwealth hostels and nursing homes (now known as low care and high care facilities).  We have also provided services in relation to retirement villages, serviced apartments, independent living units, and allied properties and businesses.

CCB’s Services to the Residential Aged Care Industry

CCB has been directly and heavily involved in services to numerous clients in the residential aged care industry, as well as consultancy advice to various accountancy and other professionals servicing the industry.

CCB’s services to the residential aged care industry include business and property acquisitions and disposals, business planning, corporate structures and restructures, joint venture negotiations, finance applications, property lease negotiations, succession and estate planning strategies, superannuation advice, tax planning, financial planning, management reports preparation and advice, meetings administration, financial statements preparation, income tax returns and advice, bookkeeping, capital gains tax, fringe benefits tax, corporate law compliance and secretarial services, payroll tax returns and advice, workers compensation insurance services and advice, and seminars.

Our services in relation to annual applications for Commonwealth place approvals have been extensive, and have been provided in every year since the government made this opportunity available to the private sector in respect of low care facilities.

In addition, CCB has also acted in the capacity of an independent accountant in the certification of annual Prudential Compliance Statements in respect of accommodation bonds under the Commonwealth system.

Under the Victorian State system, and for a period in excess of 10 years, CCB was directly and continuously involved in the financial management of a 28 bed SRS in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, and we had a similar management responsibility for a 43 bed SRS in the northern suburbs.

CCB has been directly involved in the planning and development of a number of Commonwealth residential aged care facilities, and Ian has also been the director of a company with approved provider status from the Commonwealth Department.  He presently holds the finance director position in a company covering three Commonwealth residential aged care facilities in different parts of Victoria.

CCB is a member of Aged and Community Care Victoria.  We are regular participants at the industry bodies’ conferences and seminars, and we regularly receive and read various industry publications.

Among his various presentations to the industry, Ian is a regular presenter at the SRS New & Prospective Proprietors’ seminars conducted by the Victorian Department of Health.

From all this, you will appreciate that CCB’s experience and knowledge of, and commitment to, the residential aged care industry is substantial.  We’re sure that you will not be surprised that our involvement is one of enthusiasm, passion and enjoyment.  Our business plan is firmly set for this to continue strongly into the future.

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